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May 28, 2020


The new fashionable sport. If you are not familiar with WING FOIL, it is a new way of practicing sport, bringing together 2 elements that have already existed for a long time. On the one hand the foils, which have been on the market for several years and, on the other, a wing.

  • THE FOIL. The spoiler that was started by placing on the hulls of the boats, when reaching a certain speed, the spoiler begins to surface and makes the friction of the hull of the boat much less, so the boat goes faster. The boat is gliding on the water. This invention began to be placed on competition boats (America’s Cup) and then it was placed on windsurf boards, paddle surf boards, surfboards, kite boards, etc.

  • WING. The wing Wing there is a version of more than 30 years ago. Already at that time they tried to take advantage of a board on the wind and keeping a wing in their hands. In some cases it was hooked to the board and they could advance on any type of surface, but it was not very successful because the sensations were not very surprising and because they were so impressive.


Why has it become so fashionable now? The reason is that the technology in both wings and foils has advanced a lot in recent years. The wings of the kites make it possible to navigate with little wind and in the opposite direction from the wind. They are very light, resistant and super efficient wings. On the other hand, the foils have not stopped improving in recent years, new models, new shapes, new materials, make it possible to navigate with a foil on our board relatively easily and at low speed.

WING FOILS models.

The big international brands have released all their WINGs. Airush, Duotone, Naish, F-One and they all have a very similar way and the way to navigate is the same. We must hold the wing with our hands, some have a boom strap to attach to a harness and by varying the inclination, the angle, the height we will be able to change course and adjust the speed. There are different sizes of WING FOIL depending on the force of the wind, WING of 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters 5 and 6 meters.

For experts, the best thing about Wings is being able to use it together with a foil. Con el foil el rango sería de unos 12/13 nudos hasta unos 30/35 aproximadamente. Y gracias al wing podrás sacar sesiones de foil simplemente con tu tabla, tu foil y el wing, que se transporta en una pequeña mochila.

Pero no solo es ideal para el foil, para los amantes del Stand UP Paddle también es una revolución. Con el Wing, podrás navegar más rápido incluso que remando. Puedes usar ambos complementos (wing & remo) para salir de travesía, el Wing lo podrás transportar en una pequeña mochila junto al hinchador. También puedes usar el ala junto al remo, poniendo el remo en las asas junto a unas cinchas de velcro.

El primer consejo es practicar en la playa las posturas, la colocación de las manos y los ángulos. Para ir cogiendo el funcionamiento del ala y saber como moverla y como no. Una vez que estés listo, ponte en tu tabla de rodillas de espaldas al viento cogiendo el ala con la mano de delante. Luego agarra el ala con tu mano trasera y cuando estés preparado ponte de pie. Cuando estés de pie da unas cuantas bombeadas al foil e intenta hacer planear el foil. Cuando sujetas el ala horizontalmente con una mano no generará potencia, cuando sujetes el ala con las dos manos y vayas poniendo el ala en ángulo irá generando potencia y de esta forma podrás regular la potencia que genera.

Simplemente con estos sencillos consejos y con un poco de práctica podrás dominar esta nueva disciplina tanto con foil como con SUP.

Esperamos que te animas a probaerlo y vengas a conocerlo próximamente en nuestro centro de la playa en la Barceloneta.

Saludos y buenos vientos.



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