Who are we?

Very good question… We are a few crazy people with the idea of living from what we like the most. Some of you have already seen us surf, paddle, train and even fly over water. Those who already know us know that normal normal … we are not, and we love it! And those who do not know us we will not disappoint 🙂

We are those who do not mind listening to the alarm at 5 in the morning so that at 6 we can see how the sun rises from the water, at 30º or 5º we enter the water. We are the ones who, after taking off our jacket and scarf, put on the half-wet wetsuit from yesterday’s session with a smile on our faces. Those of us who looked before predicted the time of awakening. Those of us who love the sea, its life and its people.

We are much more than a nautical school. We are a group of people who live from the sea and for the sea. Our main objective is to keep our seas clean and full of life. That is why from SEAYOU, with the help of different people and collaborators, we organize different initiatives to take care of our beaches and seas.
We believe that the best tool we have to defend our beaches is information, that is why we try to transmit to all our students the importance of a good coexistence with the sea and the responsibilities that come with keeping it clean.

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